Acupuncture is the use of tiny, delicate needles at precisely described points along the body’s energy channels applied to balance and regulate the whole body functioning. It is a very safe procedure using only sterilized, single-use needles that do not inject or withdraw anything from the body with the most common “side-effect” being a feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing.

Adjunctive healing methods using suction cups, heat (herbal moxibustion or far infra-red heating), auriculotherapy (the stimulation of therapeutic points on the ear), application of high-gauge therapeutic magnets and electrical micro-stimulation are sometimes used in conjunction with the needling.

Typically, a short series of acupuncture treatments is recommended, one to three times a week depending on the severity of the current condition. The more chronic and longstanding, generally the longer it takes to support healing and establish a lasting change. Herbal and dietary therapy may be used alongside acupuncture to extend and consolidate treatment for constitutional problems or chronic disease.

In addition, many find it useful to include acupuncture, bodywork or Qigong Healing as part of a health maintenance or wellness program that can be consistently used to balance and improve functioning. This can be done at any regular interval, during seasonal changes or at times of heightened stress. The idea is to apply natural, self-regulating methods at the earliest signs of trouble, before disease is well established. At this stage, problems are more quickly and easily dissolved.