7 Rue Ferdinand-Hodler
CH-1207 Geneva
(+41) 022 347 7588

Parking St Antoine, Parking Villereuse or Parking Rive

Travel Information
We are on Ferdinand-Hodler, near the corner of Blvd Hélvétique, close to the Rive stop of tram 12 and buses A, E, G, 2, 6, 8, 33 & 36, the Muséum stop of bus 5, Musée d'art et d'histoire stop of bus 7, Tranchées stop of bus 1 & 8, and Terrassière stop of buses 1, 25 & 63. You will see our plaque Chi Rivers - AcuCentre at the entrance of the building 7, rue Ferdinand-Hodler. Our office is on the downstairs mezzanine.


Appointment information

Appointments are available Monday-Friday, 8-12, most Saturdays, 8-12 & Monday-Wednesday 2-5 & biweekly from Sept 12: Thursday-Friday, 12-8, Saturday, 12-6.

On your initial visit, we first evaluate your condition and in simple or acute cases, we soon proceed to apply appropriate treatment. For chronic or complex disease conditions or for a thorough wellness assessment, we sit down for an extensive evaluation. To develop a complete understanding of your current physical health and constitution, vulnerabilities and personal tendencies, we may utilize a variety of assessment tools including careful review of medical history, current complaints, physical and emotional symptoms, observation and palpation of affected body areas and special points, pulse & tongue reading, and direct energy scanning. This energetic health & wellness assessment enables the design of a healing program that may include energy balancing therapies such as acupuncture, therapeutic qigong, bodywork and herbal medicine, dietary guidance and lifestyle recommendations. Life Coaching and its Five Elements questionnaire can also be used to assist your overall healthcare program.

Consultation rates will vary with the time & complexity involved. Common consultations are 30 - 40 minutes / CHF 96. Treatments for acupuncture, bodywork, Qigong therapy, dietary therapy & herbal consultations are billed according to the combined modalities involved, usually between CHF 108 - 140 /session. 


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Office policies 

  • Confidentiality : All information between therapist and client is kept strictly confidential to the current standard of medical practice.

  • Lateness : Please call 022 347 7588 if you know you will be more than fifteen minutes late, as we will try, but can not guarantee to keep your appointment.

  • Cancellations : Please give us at least 24 hours advance notice by phone or e-mail if you need to make a change to your scheduled appointment.

  • Missed Appointments : Except in the case of severe circumstances, an initial missed appointment without 24 hours advance notice will be charged at a rate of half the expected fee. Any future occurrences without advance notice will be charged the full, expected fee.

Individual policies vary - consult your company's benefits manager or health insurance company directly. Our acupuncture treatments are covered by all Swiss complementary insurance policies covering trained practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine depending on the conditions for seeking treatment and other details of your medical history.

  • Agréé ASCA : all our treatment modalities

  • Agréé RME : acupuncture, moxa, cupping, auriculotherapy & herbal medicine

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