“Sustainable advice”

Sometimes I'm near, sometimes I'm far away,
but always thinking and practicing the wise advice
that my Chinese-American healer gives to me. - M.P.

“I am smoke free”

It's almost a year since I saw you for smoking cessation and I've been smoke-free ever since with no desire to start again! - C.C.



I really enjoyed the session today. I have been feeling well & energized all through the day. So glad I found you! - B.J.

“I can move."

I left for the seashore and I kept taking the Chinese herbal medicine. I went to the hospital for a medical check-up and the doctor seemed disappointed that she could see only micro-lesions, I was Happy!!! It kept on going better and better, my strength came slowly back, swimming, walking, and playing with my kid under the sun, feeling revitalized and alive! I thank you deeply, both of you, for your healing kindness and unconditional support. Love & light, - C.H.

“The cyst is gone.”

I went to the gynecologist's this morning and... the cyst has disappeared. It's gone! I'm so happy and relieved. I'll also stick to the diet advice that you gave me as I found it's doing me a lot of good. Thank you so much for your help and good advice. - M.A.


Thanks for all your help! We are all doing great and feeling good, though, could use a bit more sleep. - P.Z. (In celebrating the birth of her daughter)

“It all rings true“

I just wanted to say thank you for your time yesterday. So much of what you said rang true when I had chance to reflect and I now have a much clearer understanding of what could be wrong, and how we can work to improve it. I look forward to receiving my dietary guidelines, and have already started trying to make better choices (and resist the call of the vending machine...). I feel much more positive, and also more patient now I know that my body is not yet ready. - J.P.

“My leg is stable.”

Again, I see a noticeable difference with the knee and stability. Very glad I finally moved my a-- to work through the medical system and get the prescription to finally see you. - S.C.

Loved by the international community in Geneva!