Our TCM bodywork approach integrates various types of  traditional East-Asian bodywork therapies (Tuina, Anma, Shiatsu) with modern styles of gentle manual adjustments such as the postural coordination training of the Alexander technique.

Used as an adjunct to acupuncture in the treatment of musculo-skeletal conditions, or as a stand-alone method for adjusting body energies. TCM bodywork or Tuina is a therapeutic modality applying calming or invigorating, strong or light methods as appropriate for your individual health condition. A session may include a wide range of techniques including kneading, pressing, tapping, stretching, and vibrating, and works in partnership with the client’s breath and mental focus to encourage the healing response. In this way, the client receives immediate benefit, and learns how to establish a constructive relationship with their own body and how best to respond to pain and to the early signals of bodily stress.