Life Coaching & Feng Shui

With Infinichi life coaching & Feng Shui we apply the same I Ching principles of balance used in acupuncture to help you adjust both your internal & external environment, remove blockages and strengthen natural support for your healthy life.

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Life Coaching
Adjusting your internal environment & self-direction

Infinichi Life coaching is a powerful method for change. Drawing from over 30 years of clinical and coaching experience and from the 5,000 year-old tradition of Chinese medicine, its integrative solutions empowers men and women to transform blockages and take charge of the revitalization of their body, mind and spirit.

When fighting a war against disease, the general leads the troops of your immune system. It is your wise leadership that is always the greatest weapon for ultimate victory. Guidance from InfiniChi Life Coaching can help you: dissipate emotional clouds and confusion and reestablish clarity, natural intuition and decisiveness; define your goals as well as recognize and dissolve the barriers to accomplishing them; identify the root causes of behavior and health issues through the Infinichi constitutional analysis; transform your challenges into an opportunity for growth.

Together, we address your whole being in the solution recommendations and provide the supportive framework of the Five Healths (the integrated context of your Physical, Mental-emotional, Relationships, Financial and Career health). Some of our tools include the Five Elements Quiz (self-discovery of your core element), Chi Gong & Meditation practices, Invocations and Affirmations, Special herbs and aromatherapy, or relevant Five Healths seminars.


Feng Shui
Creating an external environment to support health

Your external environment at home or at work forms the energy system around you. It can be destructive and contribute to your disease condition or it can be supportive of your efforts to restore health. Feng Shui, the ancient art of harmonization with our environment, can rebalance this environmental energy in much the same way acupuncture works on your body.

Feng Shui uses all natural resources available to help organize a supportive home or work environment that inspires you toward balance and health. We take advantage of the sunlight, improve the flow of Qi, and work to design a space that continuously reflects conditions more conducive to rest or work, fostering solitary activity or social exchange, storage or display. 

We particularly make design adjustments reflecting the special character or health need of a person, group or business, proposing simple solutions to make your space work for you to optimize your life. Our Feng Shui solutions can address your Physical health and longevity, attaining a peaceful mental / emotional disposition, Healthy Relationships, Prosperity and healthy finances, and a strong Career and Life Direction.