Arthritis & Joint Pain

Acupuncture consistently shows benefits for arthritis & pain conditions. In one German study, “significant improvement” of hip and knee pain from osteoarthritis with acupuncture treatment lasting months after treatment.
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. . . and for a variety of osteoarthritic pains, benefits observed six months later.
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. . . and help even for patients scheduled for a total knee replacement.
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Back Pain

Acupuncture used to help chronic back pain considered effective, long-lasting and cost-effective.
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Bursitis & Tendinitis

Acupuncture is well understood to reduce swelling and inflammation and stop pain and combined with topical and/or internal herbal medicines has been commonly used for these conditions.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Acupuncture reduces pain and improves functioning with carpal tunnel syndrome
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Acupuncture may lead to long-term reduction of pain and inflammation with patients suffering from fibromyalgia.
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A new study concludes that acupuncture combined with herbal medicine is more effective than drugs for the treatment of headaches.
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Muscle Cramps & Weakness

The basis of acupuncture treatment is to balance the energies of the body including regulation of muscular tone. To build muscle tone to prevent or relieve atrophy or to relax tone to relieve muscle tension and spasm is second nature to acupuncture treatment.



Acupuncture can increase bone density and prevent bone loss while making your load-bearing exercise and physical therapy more effective.
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Special Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to provide nutrient material helping to build bone and even cartilage, improve micro-circulation in joints, reduce pain and inflammation and strengthen joint capsules.


Rehabilitation from trauma

Acupuncture and herbs restore motility for patients with motor impairments due to sports injuries conclude researchers.
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Acupuncture & moxibustion found to reduce pain & promote regeneration of injured sciatica nerve.
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Stiff Neck & Whiplash

Acupuncture halts neck pain from disc degeneration.
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Tennis elbow

Acupuncture shown to be a proven and effective therapeutic method for the alleviation of tennis elbow.
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