Traditional Chinese Nutrition & dietary therapy

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TCM Dietary therapy uses simple and reliable ancient principles of dietary science. It helps you adapt your diet to support your specific constitutional type and to act as a remedy for current or long-term health conditions.

We offer comprehensive TCM nutritional guidance. For over 2,000 years the Chinese have used a unique system of understanding how food intake can be an integral part of the healing process, providing simple and inexpensive ways to influence health positively. Modern nutritional research has confirmed more and more aspects of this ancient knowledge in recent years. This flexible model of nutrition gives us a practical baseline to understand the variety of dietary information available today. According to TCM, foods, just like herbs, manifest specific energetic qualities that can be used to rectify various health problems or maintain high vitality.

It is very useful to understand what foods and dietary habits can contribute to achieving your health goals. We offer a personalized dietary report outlining applicable principles and listing important foods to avoid that aggravate your problems while noting recommended foods and food types that support your special needs.