Programme de soutien - Stress & Traumatisme


Our Trauma Release Program aims at dissolving the hold of past stress & traumas from interfering with moving ahead in life. This involves a variety of tools that can change the underlying energy patterns that attempts to define our functioning. We act as a safe, therapeutic guide for your energy to transform naturally and teach you a number of easily-applicable self-healing tools.

Aromatherapy can stimulate receptors to dissolve some kinds of blockages and awaken a therapeutic response. Chinese medicine has ancient understanding of the use of a great variety of plants used for this purpose, depending on the specific nature of the condition. Acupressure and the addition of essential oils to specially selected acu-points allows an easy-access method to work on stimulating the re-balancing of our energy network.

With Qi Healing, we can reach deep and hidden areas of distress and help awaken your inner guide and natural healing power. You can also learn Qigong meditation or movement routines that reinforce your positive outcomes.

Important note: Our methods are supportive, but ultimately self-directed. There are many situations it may be appropriate to consult a mental health professional for ideal processing of significant stress & trauma.